Kit Up to Stand Out

At Action Cycles, we don't just offer the best bicycles in South Africa, but we also stock a wide range of cycling apparel to ensure you're professionally kitted out. Our store carries bicycle apparel from renowned brands such as Specialized.

We have everything you need to get ready for the road, the MT trails or the racetrack. We offer short and long-sleeved thermal vests and jackets, shell jackets, insulated and breathable cycling race vests, and full-body insulators to ensure you have the right cycling apparel for every ride. We also stock a wide range of body warmers, including arm, leg and knee warmers, and a variety of fingerless and full-fingered gloves for all-weather riding. Our store has cycling bib shorts, half shorts, full shorts in different styles and colours, and tights in varying thicknesses and styles.

At Action Cycles, we have all the cycling apparel you'll ever need, and we can assist you in selecting the kit that enhances your performance and offers comfort, durability, and longevity.

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