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  • Specialized BG Fit certified
  • Retül certified

Whether you have an existing bike that you would like to have a set-up perfectly or want to purchase a new bike and ensure that it’s exactly the right size for you. We have the answer. At Action Cycles, we are able to work with you to achieve a perfect position on your bike that is both comfortable and efficient.

We all spend a lot of money on our bikes and cycling, but if the bike is not set up specifically for you, you may not be getting the most out of yourself or the bike and perhaps losing some of that all-important power and comfort.


R1 500 for Retul fitment

R750 for 2nd bike if doing more than one

RETUL stands for the most technically advanced bike fitting technology on the market.

Always been a huge topic in terms of insuring you have the correct position for best comfort that suits your style of riding & improves overall efficiency of power output over the distances we do.

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Foot assessment & correct cleat positioning on the shoe, this normally takes approximately 1 hour.


We measure 8 key points of your body which are then fed into a computer to give an accurate bike set-up for your body shape.  This fit is ideal for selecting the correct bike size and a starting point to set your new bike to.


This fit uses the same principles of the full Retul fit just without using the Motion Capture element.  This fit normally takes about 2 hours and is ideal for a rider who wants to improve their existing position or has recently purchased a new bike.

The fit involves – customer flexibility assessment, rider profile, saddle height & position, handlebar reach and drop, lever positioning, pedalling evaluation to ascertain correct power transfer through the pedal, knee tracking, riding positioning to ensure comfort and optimum performance.


A Retul fit usually takes 2-3hrs depending on the adjustments required to your existing setup.

How does it work?

Retul is arguably the most accurate bike fit system on the market. Retul uses motion capture technology, i.e. you riding your bike whilst you’re attached to a computer that analyses your position and bike set-up. The data that is produced is sub-millimetre accurate and void from human error. The system accurately assesses your position whilst in motion (pedaling your bike) and highlights positional changes that need to be made. This data enables us to set your bike up to achieve your optimal position. During the fit we use a power meter so that we can do 3 separate recordings using 3 incremental power loads. We do this on both sides of your body, so 6 assessments in total. From these 6 assessments, we are able to make the required adjustments to your position which will help with your comfort and performance. Once the adjustments have been made we do a further two assessments one from each side of your body to ensure the changes we have made give the required results.
Using eight (8) anatomical LED markers strategically placed on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and ball of the foot, the Retül sensor gathers information in real-time and transmits it to the PC. In real-time.

What makes Retul better than other systems?

Most bike fit specialists fit riders in a static position. This is because the traditional tools of the trade — tape measures and plumb bobs — don’t allow accurate measurements while the rider is pedalling. Retül captures the rider’s position relative to his pedalling motion, and therefore creates the most realistic replication of the actual pedal stroke and body position when out on the road and trails.

Measurements made by traditional tools have one thing in common: they are subject to human error and therefore can be devastatingly inaccurate. Even slight inaccuracies can completely change the rider’s feel after a ride. The general rule is that if you feel pain, something can probably be changed to eliminate that pain. Retül uses motion capture technology that accurate to within less than a millimetre, creating true objective data which can be utilised by the right fitter for the perfect biomechanical fit.

Bike fit data collected in a traditional 2-dimensional plane (i.e. video-based systems) is fairly limited because the fitter can only look at one view at a time and those views stand as independent reference points. In order to make the best-fit recommendations, the fitter must realise that the front and side view are actually interdependent reference points. In other words, the front and side view must be viewed simultaneously in 3-D in order to see how all the applicable movements of the body are working together. Retül uses 3-dimensional views to see just these precise mechanics to be able to see knee extension (from side view) in relation to knee wobble (from front view) in order to make the best decisions on adjustments to the cyclist.