Custom Kits

Do It Your Way

Action Cycles values your individuality and expression. Whether it’s team, school or race kits, we offer our customers the option of creating custom kits tailored to their brand or cause.

How to Order Your Custom Kit

  1. Get your design elements together - everything from your logo to the colours you'd like to use and the wording you'd like on your kit. You don't have to create the design - we have master designers to do that for you - but having it all added to you order helps us create your awesome design in no time. 
  2. Tally your numbers - find out how many kits you'll need to have made. This makes it easier for us to give you a more accurate timeline for delivery.
  3. Size up! - Make sure you get the correct sizing for everyone on your team. This helps avoid disappointment for those who might have to wait longer for their correct size. Download our sizing chart here [link to sizing chart pdf. Have not received yet]
  4. Drop us a mail - once you've got everything together, forward your order to [email protected]  

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