The Quickest Way from A to B is E

Electric Bikes are the perfect companion on daily commutes as well as your more challenging rides. Seen as the future of cycling, electric bikes aim to become the choice for daily transportation and to keep the love for cycling consistent even if you are not the best cyclist. Action Cycles stocks a wide range of Specialized E-Bikes, the best E-Bikes on the market.

Seamless Assistance

Specialized motors provide a smooth, powerful, and quiet ride. They disengage when over top speed or in "off" mode, creating a natural feel.

Ride Anywhere

Specialized batteries offer best-in-class range, an advanced Battery Management System (BMS), and intuitive charging solutions that ensure optimal performance, longer battery lifetime, and maximum range.

Custom Connectivity

With a Turbo e-bike and the Specialized app, you can take your riding experience to the next level. You can customize your bike's power delivery and battery output to match your riding style, whether you're commuting or going on an all-day mountain adventure. Moreover, you have the ability to personalize the display to show the stats that matter to you most, giving you complete control of your ride experience. Additionally, the system status alerts, and service reminders make sure that you get years of uninterrupted performance.

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