Everything You Need for The Optimum Cycling Experience

We know that it takes more than hopping on a bike to make you a cyclist. It takes hours of dedication, sound knowledge about your bike and, of course, the components and gear to make your cycling experience better, faster, and more comfortable all while looking really cool!


Action Cycles has every nook and cranny of your bike covered. Every component of your bike is important to its overall performance and practicality. We have the best products on the market, from wheels to handlebars. Pop in at our store to view all of our components on offer, paired with excellent advice on which to use to get the best cycling experience.


It’s not just about looks, it’s about safety, comfort and practicality. Whether you're just replacing your helmet or need to be kitted from head-to-toe, we have the most durable, safe and comfortable gear to keep you looking and feeling good on the saddle. Our wide range of tools, lights, pumps, commute gear and more is exactly what you need to keep your bike in tip-top shape.

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