Mountain Bikes

For Those Drawn to the Trail

Action Cycles understands the lure of the trail. Whether it’s to chase that rush of speed, to push our limits, or to simply escape the daily grind, we have a Specialized Mountain Bike suited to you.

FSR Suspension Technology

Specialized blazed the trail in active and independent suspension over 20 years ago. And since then, they have been refining the technology to perfect it even further. FSR technology effectively isolates chain and brake loads, providing more comfort and efficiency than any other suspension design. Over the decades, Specialized has been able to tune the ride to match the experience, providing an added edge to your ride that you won't find anywhere else. It's the driving force behind FSR's multiple wins at both the Cross Country and Downhill World Championships.

Shocks and Suspension with a Mind of Their Own

In 2002, Specialized introduced a revolutionary shock that had a mind of its own, transforming the realm of bicycle suspension. Brain technology has evolved considerably over the last two decades, and the latest version of the Brain is unparalleled in its ability to instantly and automatically adjust suspension from a firm to an active state, thus maximizing efficiency and control. This technology has been crucial in the success of the most triumphant full-suspension XC bikes to date.

The Brain suspension system is designed to take care of your suspension needs while you focus on your ride. It quickly adjusts between firm and plush settings without any effort from you, ensuring that your suspension is always optimized for the terrain you're riding on. This automatic system allows you to stay focused on the ride, enabling you to concentrate solely on your line and pedal power without the need to flip any levers.

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