The Action Cycles Story

Action Cycles Port Elizabeth
An interview with Garth Botha.

My early years

I started cycling at the age of 13 and have been riding ever since. I rode for EP and captained the team on may occasions. I broke the late Carl Mulder’s 400m individual pursuit record that stood for many years. I started working at Webb’s Cycles and Pets as a student over weekends. My late father knew John Webb as they went to school together, and that is how I got the job. After school Iwent to the army and when I came out I started working for John full time. I was about 22 years old, so at the time of this interview, have been involved in cycling for over about 43 years.

Action Cycles

Action Cycles was opened by John Webb in 1985 and I ran the shop from the beginning. After 2 years I took over Action Cycles from John. We were situated in 9th Avenue, Main Road, Walmer at that stage. We then move to the Star Bakery until 1994. I then purchased the property at 97 Heugh Road where Action Cycles has been for over 25 years.

Brands over the years

We have done a number of brands over the years, such as Fuji, Trek, Giant, Panasonic, Avalanche, among others. We took on Specialized about 20 years ago and have grown from strength to strength with this incredible brand. We also took on Silverback, which has also formed part of our main offering.

I believe that stocking too many brands confuses customers and as a result stock Specialized, Silverback and Signal to ensure that we can provide great products across any budget.

Business Partnership

Two years ago I spoke to a friend of mine who I met at the Double Century. His name is Dave McEwan who was a farmer in Tarkastad. I heard he was selling his farm, from his wife Julie, who was in the shop at the time. I joked with her and asked if Dave would be interested in buying into Action Cycles. She suggested that I speak to Dave because she believed he would be keen. So I did have that chat with Dave and a year and a half later, Dave became my business partner.

Since our partnership, I have never looked back. Dave and I get along really well and we both wanted to take Action Cycles to another level. That is when we decided to do this major revamp together with Specialized.


Specialized has always been there for Action Cycles, guiding us and offering advice. They are, I believe, the only South African bicycle that are “one big happy family”.

So, in June 2019, we started our major revamp. It proved to be a very stressful time for all of us, but five months later on the 1st of November, we opened our newly renovated store. With a coffee shop in-store which is run by Dave’s wife Julie.

We have 15 staff members in total. Samantha, who is my niece, has been working at Action Cycles for over 16 years. Welcome, is our senior mechanic and one of the best in the country has been with us for over 18 years.

With our revamp, our vision is to take cycling in PE to a whole new level. That means providing excellent products, excellent service and excellent advice. We cater for all cycling and triathlon needs – from entry-level to professional. Customers must not think that we are the most expensive cycling store in town because of the new revamp – you can shop around and see that we offer great quality goods at affordable prices for all.

P.E.’s No.1 Cycling Shop

We have always believed in offering the best advice and service to our customers and that is why we refer to ourselves as the ” no.1 bike shop in PE”.  We are always striving to stay ahead of our competitors and offer our customers a wonderful shopping experience.