Road Bikes

Delivering the Confidence to Redefine Your Limits

Action Cycles partners with Specialized Bikes to ensure that all our customers get the ultimate riding experience from one of the leading bike brands across the globe. Specialized road bikes set a standard by which all other bike brands are measured.

Rider-First Engineered™

Specialized Bikes follows the Rider-First Engineered™ philosophy, which is a size-specific approach to frame construction that ensures every frame performs flawlessly. This is achieved through a mix of extensive data acquisition, expert feedback from professional riders, and a meticulous approach to carbon construction.

To ensure consistent performance across all frame sizes, it was discovered that specific targeting was necessary for each size. This means that, for each frame size, the tube size and carbon layup are carefully selected based on collected data. The outcome of this process is an ideal balance of rigidity, weight, and responsiveness for every frame size. What this means for you is that whether you're riding a 61cm or a 49cm, you can expect the best ride in the world, personalized specifically for you. This is what we call Rider-First Engineered™.

Optimum Aerodynamics

To Specialized, aero truly is everything. It's an ethos embodied in every design decision they make, and it's why they're continually setting new benchmarks for the world's fastest products.

The team has invested heavily in building a group of aerodynamic experts and providing them with the necessary tools to complete their job. These include Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), on-bike Data Acquisition (DAQ), and even constructing a Win Tunnel exclusively for the experts across the street from their main office in Morgan Hill, California. With all of these resources at their disposal, the industry's most innovative minds can achieve aerodynamic innovation at a faster rate, allowing you to go faster than ever before in less time.

Future Shock for a Smoother Ride

For a lot of people, the word "smoothness" can be substituted with "comfort." In the past, it's been considered an obstacle to speed, and you would have to choose between having a fast bike or a comfortable one. Specialized decided to experiment with this concept and developed the Future Shock, which treats smoothness as an integral part of speed. It's easy to understand that reducing fatigue can help increase speed, as a more comfortable ride will leave you feeling less tired, especially after a long day of rough terrain. Additionally, a smoother ride can help you maintain a consistent level of power over a longer period of time, according to Specialized's findings.

Improved smoothness of the road surface can enhance traction, leading to a better grip of the tyres on the ground. This results in increased speed and efficiency, as the tyres stay firmly in place. This provides an evident advantage while riding in adverse weather conditions, while descending and cornering. By optimising your effort, you can experience a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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