Everything You Need to Go the Distance

A triathlon is the ultimate test of endurance and athletic versatility. Action Cycles understands that you need bikes, gear and equipment that will comfortably take you from the peddle to the water, to your feet on the road.


Secialized is renowned for its high-performance Shiv range, specially designed to give you comfort, speed and endurance, no matter the kilometres you need to cycle. Have our workshop ensure that your bike is race-ready and you'll be set to clock in record times in your cycling.


Triathlons require durable, comfortable and lightweight gear to take you through each leg of the day. At Action Cycles, we understand the importance of every component of your gear, from quick-drying trisuits to comfortable shoes, to quick access to your water bottle or road snacks. We have every detail of your triathlon covered.

2xu Triathlon Fitness and Workout Gear

2xu is the trusted brand in Triathlon fitness and workout gear at Action Cycles. 2xu creates the best performance gear for Triathletes, pairing the perfect match of technology and performance. Everything they have designed has helped improve preparation, performance, and recovery in Triathlon and beyond.

Over the past decade, 2XU has partnered with world-leading research teams to scientifically prove the benefits of 2XU garments. They rigorously test their fabrics using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure they are engineered to sustain the demands of sport.

The benefits of their compression rely on their fabrics being firm, durable and graduated. Every batch of compression fabric they manufacture is first tested for power and recovery on an Instron tensile strength tester. If it does not meet quality standards it will be rejected and re-made. Approved compression fabric is then carefully constructed into a garment and tested on the Salzmann pressure measurement device to ensure they have a correct graduated pressure profile. The Salzmann testing apparatus is internationally recognised as the most technically accurate device for compression measurement and is commonly used to test medical compression.

More Triathlon Gear at Action Cycles:

  • Shoes
  • Trisuits
  • Wetsuits
  • Helmets
  • Lights
  • Pumps
  • Tools
  • Grips & Tape
  • SWAT™ Storage
  • Bags & Storage
  • Bottle Cages
  • Water Bottles
  • Commute Gear
  • Turbo Extra

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